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I went in to Tampa Rejuvenation for a "free" consultation today. After asking about the "free" service, the desk clerk informed me that their sales pitch, and my blood draw were free, but if I wanted to get the RESULTS of any blood work that I agreed to, this would cost me $249.00.

This charge is before even agreeing to any potential treatment plan. Where's the "free" in this? I had a difficult time believing that Tricare, my insurance, would pay for this treatment without my primary care provider's recommendation. When I questioned this, the 2 sales representatives brought in the manager in an attempt to make me feel more comfortable.

The opposite occurred. I felt as if the three of them were trying to pressure me into committing to a sale. The only reassurance the manager could give me, was that Tricare was paying for other treatments for other clients. Sorry, but my inner alarms went off full alarm!

The company got me in the door, did not convince me of the quality of their service, tap-danced around how/who would pay for the service (leading me to sense some shady business practices), changed the definition of "free consultation".

This company is attempting to swindle Tricare, or me, or both! I recommend everyone should AVOID Tampa Rejuvenation!!!

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Largo, Florida, United States #1349374

I think you are over-reacting..I go there, and the $249. includes the blood work, treatment plan, including the follow-ups.

If your insurance doesn't cover the tests, (mine didn't), you don't have to pay for it. You do have to pay for any "drugs", (bio identical hormones for me),

but that's normal.

I love this place, and am feeling MUCH better! I referred my daughter for weight loss as well.

to Carolee Eckhardt #1363158

You said the $249 covered follow up's, how many follow ups?

to Anonymous #1394907

I think this place is absolutely a. Sakes driven scam!

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